Designed to easily create an airtight seal in the spoke bed of any of our Bead Socket Technology rims, our Yellow Tape can also be used as ultralight rim tape for rims used with tubes. 

21mm width tape fits:
Grail MK3

25mm width tape fits:
Crest MK3 & Crest CB7

27mm width tape fits:
Arch MK3 & Arch CB7

30mm width fits:
Flow MK3, Flow EX3 & Flow CB7

33mm width fits:
Sentry MK3

36mm width fits:
Baron MK3

39mm width fits:
Major MK3 

When running less than 45psi a single wrap of tape is necessary, when running greater than 45psi a double wrap of tap is required

9.1m (10 yard) roll will fit approx. 4 x 29" rims

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