Bike Fit

At Bike House we use RETÜL technology which is the most advanced bike fitting technology out there.

Whether you have just got into cycling or have been in the saddle for years, getting your fit checked is crucial for comfort, safety and efficiency. Helping you maintain those miles or even push further than you ever imagined. You should get a bike fit check at least once a year; bought some new shoes-get your bike fit, want to ride 100ks in a day, get your bike fit, bought a new bike-get your bike fit.

Bike Fit Options

There are 4 different types of fit to suit every rider; from a beginner who wants the basics so they are comfortable and safe, to an advanced rider who wants to be aerodynamic, powerful and race ready.

Any bike, any rider, any level.

30 min Included in bike purchase

New Bike Set Up with RETÜL digital measurements

We use our digital tools to; capture your measurements, make starting recommendations to ensure you have the set up you need for your new bike.


  • Bike sizing and starting saddle height recommendations
  • Sit bone measurement and saddle sizing
  • Shoe and foot bed sizing and arch height measurement
  • Adjust suspension for rider (MountainBike only)
  • Adjust brake and shifter position
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60 min $145

Bike Sizing

We customise the touchpoints on your bike to ensure your bike is set up specifically for you to ensure you are comfortable and efficient.

Includes everything from new bike set up plus:

  • Stem positioning and reach check
  • Saddle height and rail position check
  • Bar rotation and width adjustment
  • Cleat placement
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3.5 Hrs $425

RETÜL Premium Fit

Performed by one of our certified retul fitters and using the latest technology the Retul premium fit is our world leading option to optimise comfort and performance.

Includes everything from Retul Sizing plus:

  • Rider consultation
  • 15 step pre-fit assessment process using augmented reality
  • 12 step on-bike adjustment process using 3D data capture
  • Bike fit report containing body and bike measurements
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3.5 Hrs + Ride Time $575

Advanced RETÜL Premium Fit

Our Premium Retul fit plus the chance to hit the road or trail to validate the adjustments made in the studio and make any necessary changes based on your riding.

Includes Retul Premium fit inclusions plus:

  • One to one 1 hr bike ride with our Retul expert
  • 3 month re-evaluation
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After something else?

View and book our other services including:

  • An additional bike: $250
  • Annual refit: $225
  • Cleat Fitting: $45
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"Amazing service - thanks especially to Paul, who was amazing with my retul bike fit, despite the challenges he faced with me being an amputee. Made me feel at ease, was very knowledgeable and even welcomed my prosthetist who also assisted. Highly recommend I can’t fault their service."


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