This hydraulic 2-piston disc brake from Shimano with ergonomic BL-MT401 2-finger brake lever and BR-MT410 caliper for balanced braking performance sets the standard for cost-effective performance braking systems.

There is a tool-adjustable lever reach for small hands and has a slim design. The balanced braking performance, the very good response and the easy maintenance with funnel bleeding and One-Way Bleeding technology benefit beginners. 


Available Individualy: Left Brake Lever = Rear Brake Set or Right Brake Lever = Front Brake Set

2-piston model with long service life and performance

Fast piston return

Fast, simple assembly and maintenance

Easy to reach lever for small hands [minimum reach 75 mm]

Funnel bleeding

Anodised lever, painted body and calliper

IS mounting and PM non direct mounting possible with adapter

Organic brake pads are included

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