Cramp-Stop Spray is a natural oral spray that can be used at any age, including seniors, to help stop cramping that is bought on by any cause. It can both help to prevent a cramp from occuring if taken just before the onset of a spasm as well as stop/ease a cramp as it happens. It also can limit the soft tissue damage and residual pain that is often experienced after a cramp. Cramp-Stop Spray is ideal for use:

  • During/After Sporting Activities
  • While Pregnant
  • At Night Time
  • Everyday

Cramp-Stop Spray is widely used both in New Zealand and overseas by top sportsmen who compete in all types of sports including rugby, triathlon, and cycling.

Cramp-Stop Spray Dosage: ONE Spray under the tongue at onset of symptoms. REPEAT in 30-60 SECONDS time or as needed.

Cramp-Stop Spray Ingredients:

  • Arnica - 6C
  • Mag Phos - 6C, 12C
  • Cuprum Met - 6C
  • Nux Vomica - 6C

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