Why I Commute

Gavin, our Service Technician, tells us why he chooses to commute everyday and why he picked the Specialized Vado.

Why I Commute

The Aotearoa Bike Challenge starts on the 1st Feb with a simple aim: to get more people riding bikes. Riding bikes reduces fuel and car maintenance costs, improves health and is good for the planet.

Gavin, our Service Technician, tells us why he chooses to commute by bike every day and why he picked the Specialized Vado.


How many times a week do you try to commute?

I try to commute everyday, 5 days a week, rain or shine!


Why do you like commuting/ what are the perks?

Most of the time it's faster than jumping into the car. Exercising helps everything and I love the thrill of screaming down the hill with the wind in your ‘face’ (I have no hair).


What is your bike you commute on and why is it good for commuting?

I ride the Specialized Vado 4.0 in the best colour ever - Red Tint / Silver Reflective, it makes me think i'm flying like Ironman. The Vado is a well balanced bike, the reason i chose the 4.0 is the size of the battery, power of the motor and sealed bearing wheels for serviceability. A great feature is that it's equipped with the best rear rack with a wrap around rear light. The rack is also MIK compatible so there are a number of attachments available to simply click onto the rack with ease.


What would you say to people who are wanting to reduce their fuel cost and start commuting more?

Your savings are a long term commitment and not an immediate solution. My advice to replacing your car with a commuter bike is to invest most of the money into the bike first, common mistakes are not getting a good enough bike, either by it being second hand or the cheapest option. This is where it ends up costing you more and makes people question if it’s going to save any money at all. Buying new is a safer way as you have warranties, but you also have to consider maintenance. Another common question is "how come parts are worn out faster than my old bike?". The answer is that you are now using this bike on a regular basis; therefore your old bike, which probably only got used a couple of times a month, will last years before you need it looked at. Working with your local shop on a suitable service plan once they get an idea of how you ride will go a long way to keeping your maintenance bills down. Remember moving parts are wear and tear items that need replacing due to use. Talk to your shop about replacing items with something better to hopefully perform and last longer.


Want to join Gav and commute more? Join the Aotearoa Bike Challenge in Feb and get commuting. 

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