Meet Edith: A photographer, a mum and most importantly, a mountain biker.

We caught up with Edith, who’s recently purchased her new Pivot bike, to chat about all things mountain biking.

Meet Edith: A photographer, a mum and most importantly, a mountain biker.

We caught up with Edith, who’s recently purchased her new Pivot bike, to chat about all things mountain biking.

In 2021, at the age of 47, Edith signed up for a Mountain bike beginner/ intermediate course with ‘Bike Dunedin’ and not only learnt how to ride trails but made friends with an awesome group, who she still rides with - 3 years later!

It’s safe to say Edith is obsessed with Mountain Biking: “I’d say I’m hopelessly addicted to mtbiking and I just can’t get enough! I’d ride every day if I could!”

Also one of the best things Edith has said recently when asking her how she feels about sending us some photos of her riding (which most new people to mountain biking feel) is “I used to feel a bit stupid sharing my pretty average/lame videos, but then I thought **** it, there's plenty of other people out there riding at the same level, and actually those are the kind of people I like following on the gram most anyway.”

We couldn't agree more! 


What pivot bike did you choose and why? 

Bike House had a demo month for Pivots and I thought why not? 

I’d been feeling for a while like I wanted a more progressive bike and from the very first time I hopped on the firebird I just loved the feel of it.

I felt like it put me in a really good position on the bike and it just feels so stable through the rough stuff. Plus all that extra travel is soooo plush.

On those first few rides it felt like you just point the firebird down the hill and it will charge through anything!

It’s given me so much more confidence in the steep, techy stuff. 

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to ride this bike to its full potential, but I don’t care, because I just LOVE it.

Even though it’s an enduro bike, I find it pretty awesome for pedalling up the hill as well. It puts me in a really comfortable, straight position and I never get a sore back like I used to on my old bike. The suspension is so dialled I don’t even bother to lock it out for climbing. 



What sort of riding do you like and how does this bike help with your style of riding? 

I love everything! From steep and techy to flowy and jumpy. I have to admit I do especially love that feeling when you get your wheels off the ground!

The firebird is awesome for all the techy stuff in Dunedin. I feel like when I mess up a line this bike will pick me up and save me, whereas on my old bike I’m pretty sure I would have been off the bike.


What rides/trails do you have in mind for 2024 and what skills are you working on for 2024?

I can’t wait to head up to Wanaka and Queenstown (later this month) and try this bike out on the jump and flow tracks.

Jumps and drops are the skills I really want to develop this year. I’ve done a couple of lessons/skills clinics on jumping and places like Bike Glendhu have such awesome intermediate jump lines, so I’m excited to go session these on the new bike!

Always working on my basic skills and trying to get better at cornering.

I’d really love to build my confidence on more black trails this year.


Any tips for anyone wanting to get into mountain biking? 

You’re never too old to learn new skills and hobbies. And it’s never too late to be fitter and healthier than you’ve ever been.

I’d highly recommend getting some lessons or starting out with something like Bike Dunedin’s Boost groups - not only will you progress faster, learning the basic skills will make you so much safer especially when you start to try harder tracks.

Also for women, learning to ride with a group of other women is the best. I think women learn differently and they like to know all the how and the why before they try. Plus when you see another lady at the same skill level as you have a crack at something, it inspires you to push through your fear and have a go too.

Edith and the team

Edith you legend, thanks for sharing your mountain biking journey and telling us all about your new Pivot whip. 

 “Mtbiking has changed my life in so many ways. I’m so much fitter, healthier and excited for life than I have been for years. I’ve made so many awesome new friends. I honestly feel like I did when I was in my 20s when my passion and life was all about rock-climbing.”


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