Embracing the Ride: My Journey Through Ride to Work Month and the Love to Ride Challenge

Embracing the Ride: My Journey Through Ride to Work Month and the Love to Ride Challenge

Location: Dunedin, New Zealand

Occupation: Co-owner of Bike House Dunedin 


Introduction: As one of the proud owners of a bike shop in Dunedin, New Zealand, I've always been passionate about cycling. Yet, like many, I often found myself opting for the convenience of driving to work instead of pedaling. That changed when Ride to Work Month and the Love to Ride challenge came around, offering me the perfect opportunity to reconnect with my love for cycling and explore the joys of commuting by bike.

 Matt Feb Challenge

The Commute: My daily commute from Mosgiel to Dunedin spans approximately 18.5 kilometers by bike, just a bit longer than the 17 kilometers by car. Despite challenges such as dislocated cycling infrastructure and time constraints, I was determined to embrace the journey on two wheels. The extra time it took and occasional discomfort were outweighed by the mental clarity and physical exhilaration I experienced before and after each ride.

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Highlights and Memorable Moments: From sharing camaraderie at the bike to work breakfast organized by SPOKES and the DCC to relishing the sensation of biking in the rain, every moment of the challenge brought its own unique thrill. Saying hello to fellow cyclists on the road, soaking in the scenery, and feeling a sense of accomplishment with each pedal stroke made the experience truly memorable.

Bike Breakfast

Team Spirit: At our workplace, we formed three teams to compete in the challenge. While some teams boasted hardcore roadies and gravel riders, my team focused on daily points and commutes. It was inspiring to witness the progress each day and to see how others embraced the spirit of the challenge.

 Matt and Angus commuting

Environmental and Personal Benefits: Participating in Ride to Work Month and the Love to Ride challenge reaffirmed my belief in the power of cycling not only for physical and mental health but also for the environment. The sense of actually making a difference, however small, was immensely gratifying. Moreover, the challenge reignited my passion for cycling and reminded me of its profound impact on my overall well-being.


Looking Ahead: As I reflect on my experiences, I'm filled with a renewed determination to incorporate cycling into my daily routine. While Mosgiel's terrain presents challenges for beginner cyclists I remain hopeful that the city will open up safer and flatter routes, making biking to work an accessible option for all. The Dunedin Tunnel Trails project is working towards opening up a 15km cycle and walking path between Dunedin and Mosgiel that will go through the Chain Hills and Caversham tunnels, this will make an incredible difference for commuters and cyclists living in Mosgiel. For those in the inner suburbs, I encourage you to give it a try—I guarantee you'll feel the buzz and reap the rewards.


Conclusion: Ride to Work Month and the Love to Ride challenge have been more than just events; they've been transformative experiences that have reignited my love for cycling and reinforced my commitment to a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. As I pedal forward, I'm excited to continue this journey and inspire others to embrace the ride.


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